New Albion Clayworks Stein Handmade Pottery Ceramics 16 oz Beer Mug Pint
New Albion Clayworks Stein
New Albion Clayworks Stein Pottery Ceramics
New Albion Clayworks Stein Pottery
New Albion Clayworks Stein Pottery Ceramics

Barley Stein with Forest Dipped Rim

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A handmade ceramic Beer Mug that fits perfectly in your hand and holds 16 fl. oz. plus foam head.

This piece is the perfect gift for that craft beer enthusiast in your life. These are hand-thrown on the potters wheel and fired to stoneware temperatures. Able to handle hot or cold, these mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. There is no lead or other harmful materials in the glaze, making this a perfectly food safe vessel in which to enjoy your favorite beer (or coffee!).

Each piece is hand signed by the artist, Eric Holbein. Given that these are a handmade product, there may be some slight variation in dimension or glaze application. We hope that you will appreciate these slight differences as they bring a unique character to each piece.